Souce: Cave de Tavel

Souce: Cave de Tavel


Rhone, France

Located int he south of France, in the heart of the Rhone Valley, and at the gates of Provence, the winemaker cellar of Tavel welcomes you in its terroir.

In the heart of the best terroirs of the Rhone Valley, worn by generations of winegrowers for centuries, TAVEL was the wine of the kings of France and the Popes in Avignon. "King of roses, Rose of kings". The Tavel is the wine of those for whom passion and authenticity are the condition of pleasure. This is the exception wine: exception of the terroir, except for history and men, except for taste. The TAVEL is not to be confused and to tell the truth, everything distinguishes it.

Tavel wines have been around since the Gallo-Roman era. In the first century of our era, vine was already considered an important commercial activity for TAVEL. The vineyards cultivated by the monks are known from 887.

TAVEL was tasted at the table of Philip the Fair and Louis XIV and the Court of the Popes from 1358. The reputation of TAVEL was built with the help of other famous personalities, Popes Clement V, Benoit XIII, then later Ronsard, Louis XIV, Balzac and F.Mistral. 
Thus an extract of the roles of the 1734 capitation states: "The inhabitants of TAVEL have neither trade nor industry but have a great resource in the sale of their wines which by their high quality are infinitely sought after".

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the village still flourishes, and the wine of TAVEL, driven by the demand of the nascent bourgeoisie is in the catalogs of the best French houses. After the plague of phylloxera that destroyed the vineyard from 1870, the winemakers are constantly rebuilding and protecting their natural assets and their notoriety. 
From 1902, with remarkable precocity, appears at TAVEL one of the first French agricultural defense unions. After long legal battles, these passionate and tenacious winemakers obtained in 1928 a delimitation of the TAVEL appellation area. In 1936, after the creation of the INAO, they get immediately classification AOCTavel is the 1 st AOC French to be recognized in pink.

In 1937, still in search of progress, some daring winemakers decided to unite to found the cellar of Vignerons de Tavel. It was inaugurated by the President of the Republic Albert Lebrun in 1938.  Since the winemakers who have followed one another have continued to strive for excellence. Today still animated by the love of the soil they conjugate tradition and modernity to offer you wines of exception.