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Loire, France

Breze is a unique site due to its relatively high elevation and eminently nuanced geological profile. The significant presence of ouffeau, (a porous, chalky limestone also used in the construction of much of the Loire's Renassance architecture) results in finely mineral Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc. Clay and sand also lend themselves to the diversity of the terroirs, giving body to the reds and richness to the whites. Arnaud's driving ambition is to truly understand and reveal the distinctions within this extraordinary appellation.

Arnaud Lambert - While soft-spoken and humble, Arnaud Lambert is helping to drive a revolutionary movement in the appellations of Saumur and Saumur - Champigny. The goal is to re-discover each individual terroir and its potential through organic viticulture and less-is-more, precise winemaking. This is particularly important considering 70% of the cooperatives, where branding and blending prevail, and mass-produced cremants dominate.

Arnaud strives for consistent methods int he cellar, so that each individual terroir is what shines through. Only the traditional Champagne methods for the cremants, which - grown on the estate's chalkiest soils can hold their own against some of the great, classic Champagnes. The Saumur Blanc and Rouge are vinified and aged exclusively in stainless steel to maintain fruit and freshness. As one moves up in the range and the wines gain in power and density, each of the five Clos wines see an increasing percentage of new oak and longer elevate.

Certified Organic.