Source Boundary Breaks

Source Boundary Breaks


Finger Lakes, New York

Do one thing well.

We only make Riesling wine and we take pride in our singular approach. However, simplicity is not an effort that should be regarded as simple.

The Finger Lakes region has an ideal, cool climate for white wines like Riesling. From the start, we decided to focus on Riesling and planted four different clones. These include Geisenheim clones 110, 98 and 239; and clone 90 from Neustadt. We have learned how each clone behaves in our soils and climate, and we manage them individually to bring out their most desirable characteristics.

We employ labor-intensive vineyard practices that are designed to produce the most desirable character in our Riesling fruit. This includes using the Scott Henry trellis system; early shoot-thinning, cluster-thinning, hedging and leaf removal. We hand-pick all fruit, typically in three phases. We are aiming to select the ideal fruit at the optimum levels of sugar and acidity to produce a series of outstanding Riesling wines across the spectrum from very dry to very sweet.

We are located on the eastern shore of Seneca Lake, mid-way between Geneva and Waterloo to the north and Ithaca and Watkins Glen to the south. Because of its milder climate, this side of Seneca Lake is known as the “banana belt”of the Finger Lakes. Our vineyards are situated on sloping ground, which allows cold air to drain away from the vines during harsh winters. Our vines are planted in calcareous soils which are ideal for aromatic white wines like Riesling and Gewurztraminer.

At Boundary Breaks, we focus entirely on the vineyard. To make our wines, we sought out some of the region’s leading wineries. We asked them if they would be willing to work with us to produce small batches of single vineyard Rieslings. We wanted to create a family of Riesling wines that showcase the winemaking skills from across the region, using the fruit that we have carefully managed in our vineyard.

We prepare for our vineyard plantings first by deep-ripping the soil to 48 inches. This loosens the soil and creates the opportunity for maximum rooting depth. Second, we install extensive drainage tile to remove excess soil moisture, particularly during wet periods of the year.

All of us at Boundary Breaks, at one time or another, did something else for a living. Some of us are older, and we like the way we can see the work we do turn into something lasting and tangible. Some of us are younger and like being part of a team where our direct efforts help create great wines.