Source: Paddy Borthwick

Source: Paddy Borthwick


Wairarapa, New Zealand

Proudly family-owned, the Borthwick vineyard is an established vineyard situated in Gladstone, the heart of the Wairarapa. Producing quality wine for over a decade, Paddy, an experienced wine maker, has gained a reputation for producing consistently great wines.

The 27 hectares of vines bordering the Rumahaunga River in Gladstone, Wairarapa are on stony, free draining, alluvial soils, with a micro climate giving warm daily temperatures, cool nights and low rainfall; perfect conditions for producing distinctive, quality wines.

In line with the family's legacy of international trade, 90 percent of the wine is exported around the world. Paddy believes in sustainability and best practice within a vineyard, developing an asset for generations to come.

Like the four P's of marketing, we believe in the four P's of wine: Place, People, Passion and Philosophy. -Paddy Borthwick