Source: Boniperti VIgnaioli

Source: Boniperti VIgnaioli


Colline Novaresi

Sun. Land. Tradition.

Sun.. The sun that warms our vineyards is the reflection of the environment we want to keep healthy, through a viticulture as environment-friendly as possible.

Land.. Our vineyards rise on the land first cultivated almost a century ago by grandfather “Barton”, who taught us to love the territory and the quality of life that today identifies our family and makes our company stand out from the crowd.

Tradition.. The precious advices transmitted to us by our “elderlies ” is skilfully combined to the innovative technical know-how acquired in years of study and passionate work within the viticulture sector.

The combination of Sun, Land and Tradition gives birth to our work and life project which is essentially based on a continuous search for quality.
This project became reality in 2003 when, by replenishing the “Barton” Vineyard, we established our company that today includes 3 hectares of vine cultivated land on the territory of Barengo, planted with Nebbiolo, Vespolina and Barbera grapes.

Sun… Land and Tradition. Past and future, ancient culture and modern technique intertwining in the name of a strong love for work, the land and its fruits.