Source: Bodega Mustiguillo

Source: Bodega Mustiguillo


El Terrerazo, Spain

In 1999 Toni decided to focus on producing high-quality Bobal. Then, despite Bobal is one of the most important grapes in Spain,  it was historically   dismissed as a  bulk wine grape only fit for pink entry level juices.

Our first vintage of just 25 casks, never released, convinced us of the opportunities and challenges arising from working with Bobal.

2000 vintage was the beginning of Mustiguillo commercial life with two wines:
Quincha Corral and Finca Terrerazo. Sold almost immediately among three importers with a big success of critic and prescriptors. Labeled as “Vino de Mesa”.
Many years after, Quincha Corral 2000 was open at Ferrans Adria´s  Bulli restaurant on the occasion of his farewell dinner.

Toni traveled frequently to the New World (California, Chile and Argentina), very interested in their new canopy techniques, maximizing the leaf surface to balance ripening and acidity, improving the quality of new plantations. His concern was how to offer wines with personality even based on young vines.

After several trials and tests was born in 2002 the first Mestizaje, Bobal cuvee with other grapes.

Our journey has always been solitary trekkers.  We always believed more in Bobal and our own efforts rather than relying on any already existing designation of origin.

Thus, from Table Wine, in September 2003, we were granted the classification of Vino de la Tierra (VDT) El Terrerazo.   And since 2010, we are classified as DOP El Terrerazo or the first designated Vino de Pago of the Mediterranean.

Mustiguillo is built on an old country house, refurbished to respect the original room, creating nowadays design. As an Old Cellar house, ageing room and a bottle racking area keep a constant temperature and humidity throughout the year. Pumps are avoided due to a gravity wine flow at the winery.