Source: Betz Family Winery

Source: Betz Family Winery



Living in possibility unleashes our potential.

It allows us to move forward despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles. It propels our thoughts and actions to seek ways of thinking and doing that are only possible if we surrender to the journey and have total conviction that the impossible will become possible.

From fermentation to barrel and finally to bottle our goal is to stay true to our ideologies. Our sanitation process, the usability of our winery, attention to detail and sensory analysis are a few of the tools we incorporate into our daily routine. Strict winemaking, cellar and lab practices drive our goals of making the best wine we can.

The art and science of winemaking is a continuous learning adventure, again we look at the law of cause and effect. We make our decisions based on the science of the lab and the outcomes of what has proven effective. The true balance of winemaking is achieved when science and art collide creating a bottle of wine well worth drinking.