Source: Cork Reporter

Source: Cork Reporter


Loire, France

"Bertrand Galbrun is a young winemaker with a passion for clean, simply-spirited wine.

Back when he was looking for the right plot of land for his winery, Galbrun began to work with his friend, winemaker Sebastian David, in Bourgueil four days a week. Inspired by the uniqueness of the terroir, he founded his eponymous domain in the area in 2005 and he now farms 3.5 hectares of 100% biodynamic grapes.

Harvest is performed manually. Grapes are collected in small crates and undergo many tries before vinification. Grapes are then 100% destemmed and crushed by foot. No yeast, no added enzymes, and no SO2 are added to the vat, and the wine is not chaptalized.

The reds of Bourgueil, which can include up to 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, are elemental and visceral: they make you want to eat." -Cork Reporter