Source: Chateau Bel-Air

Source: Chateau Bel-Air


Bordeaux, France

In the heart of the Lussac Saint-Emilion appellation, Chateau Bel-Air comprises 30 unbroken hectares, including 21 hectares of vines.

In 1978, Jean-Noel Roi took over the estate which has been in his family for over a century. The vineyard stands on a wide plateau of clay with areas of silica gravel, with a subsoil of clay and iron pan.

The vines are, on average, 35 years old, a good age for producing well-balanced wines. The grapes are harvested only when they are fully ripe, as the quality of the aromas and later development of the tannins depend on it. Vatting time is long: it takes several weeks to produce a wine that will be good for laying down. Fermentation temperatures are strictly controlled by automatic thermoregulation. Wine is matured using traditional methods. A further guarantee of quality is that our wines are bottled at the chateau 18-20 months. By that time, our wine has a fine, deep color, it is tannic without being aggressive. Its fruit makes it a pleasant drink in its early years, but reaches full maturity at 5-10 years, or even more.

Unending watchfulness, constant questioning, nothing left to chance, every act and gesture honed to perfection - this is how a great wine is born. This care and attention has brought our wine recognition and the many Gold and Silver Medals won at competitions in Paris and Bordeaux.