Source: Accordini Stefano

Source: Accordini Stefano


Veneto, Italy

Our origins lie when Gaetano Accordini, during the early years of the twentieth century, bought 5 acres in the town of Negar in Ca Bessole, with help from his wife, Giuseppina Bertani.

The first bottle of Amarone Acinatico was produced in 1980, using only vineyards in Negrar. The intuition to produce grapes from Valpolicella mountain produces unique and unmistakable characteristics worthy of study. 

The family estate extends over 4 hectares situated in Negrar, the heart of Valpolicella, in Bessole. These vineyards are a precious source of great satisfaction thanks to their southeastern exposure and their soil, which is well-balanced in its components. Corvine, Rondinelle and Corvione varietals are produced using traditional techniques to produce wines of very high value.  It may not be the biggest winery, but it is equipped with the msot up-to-date technology, both the stainless steel and small barrels for refinement.