Source: Amaztoi Txakolina

Source: Amaztoi Txakolina


Txakoli, Spain

Centuries ago, a sailor from Getaria was the first to circumnavigate the world, demonstrating the sphericity of the Earth. Juan Sebastian Elcano was honored to be the first to show the world that even being the son of a small town (a town that has around 2,500 habitants) human quality has no limits.

Nowadays the Ameztoi winery continues with the ancient tradition of harvesting grapes, which predates the feat of our compatriot.

Bodegas Ameztoi with permanent care of the native grape varieties “Hondarrabi Zuri” and “Hondarrabi Beltza” and his constant attention and control of the winemaking, is pleased to offer a great wine with full warranty.

"In our house, the txakoli has always been the king.
I am the forth generation: my great-grandfather was the first, the second my frandfather, my father, the third, I am the fourth and Ixio, my son, is the fifth. Five generations, all with the same surname: Ameztoi."