In 2003, Advintage Distributing opened the doors as an Importer and Distributor of Fine Wine, based in Charleston, South Carolina. Our mission was to search the world for true expressions of varietal character and terrior, as well as to provide products that over-achieve for the dollar, in order to amass the finest portfolio of wine available in South Carolina.

A saying goes, "it takes a lot of beer to make a good wine," and we realized that after a hard day beating the streets, dragging the bag pushing juice, we were constantly searching for a good beer to end the day. We dusted off the crystal ball and predicted the end of the 5% alcohol ceiling that prohibited quality Craft Beer from entering the market. We set out on an adventure to learn about and capture the world's greatest beers to offer to our market. We got in on the ground floor of the craft beer movement, and are proud to represent the premiere portfolio of Craft Beer sold state wide in South Carolina.

We are a young, dynamic company that listens to our customers and keeps our ear to the ground. There is no denying the cocktail explosion we are witnessing. It is harder than ever for a customer to choose whether their happy hour wind-down drink will be fermented or distilled, or both! We recognize the tremendous opportunity to introduce an Artisanal Spirits & Bar portfolio to the thirsty customers in the same manner in which we cultivated Fine Wine and Craft Beer.

For us, the name of the game is relationship building, be it with our vendors, our customers, or especially our team.

We are proud to begin our 11th year in business, and have enjoyed paying homage to our suppliers and customers who have made it happen.