Source: Straight to Ale

Source: Straight to Ale


Huntsville, Alabama

Founded by local home brewers in 2009, Straight to Ale has quickly grown to become one of Alabama's largest production breweries. Starting small with a 3 Barrel brewhouse in 500 square feet in Huntsville's Historic Lincoln Mill, we realized that we greatly underestimated Alabama's thirst for locally produced craft beer and moved into a 10,000 square foot production facility on Leeman Ferry Road in south Huntsville. Over the next few years we added more and more fermentation capacity in that location until it was full, reaching 1,000 barrels of capacity. Though this location is no longer in operation, it was an integral step in our expansion.

Straight to Ale has since gained regional and national attention with the craft beer community and we continue to grow our distribution footprint to cover the southeast. In the summer of 2016, we opened our new 55,000 square foot facility at Campus 805, reclaiming a long vacant Middle School campus on the edge of downtown Huntsville and turning it into a thriving community of breweries, bars, restaurants and local shops.

With all of this, we continue to work towards our goal of being a regional player in the craft beverage scene and distributing our products to the entire SE United States. We are Southern Born, Southern Brewed!