Source: Don Sebastiani & Sons

Source: Don Sebastiani & Sons


Sonoma, California

"Sivas-Sonoma is an homage to our family founders who paved the way for our generation and winemakers." - Don Sebastiani

My grandfathers were pioneers in Sonoma, paving the way for this area to become known as Wine Country. Sivas-Sonoma is my way to pay homage to their legacy. By staying close to home, and by working in partnership with Sonoma's most skilled grapegrowers, Sivas-Sonoma wines embrace Sonoma's historical appellations and winemaking spirit.

The name Sivas (SEA-vis) is the modern-day Turkish derivation of "Sebasteia," the city named for Emperor Augustus 2,000 years ago, and the historical origin of our surname.

Our inspiration comes from my grandfather's can-do spirit. My family passionately continues this heritage into our second century of winemaking in the Sonoma Valley.