Source: Cantina Riff

Source: Cantina Riff


Alto Adige, Italy

The aim and impetus for the Cantina Riff project is to produce premium quality wines, a Pinot Grigio and a Merlot-Cabernet – blend, with distinctive character and style, unquestionable quality and extraordinary market value. The Riff – project has been initiated about ten years ago as a négociant-operation by the acclaimed Alois Lageder winery. In producing this independent brand, the Lageder winery team calls on its long–standing grower relationships, and winemaking and marketing expertise and credibility. The wines are produced and selected on-site near the vineyards of their origin and then blended and bottled at the Lageder winery.

The Riff project builds on long-term partnerships with selected grape growers in Italy’s northeastern Tre Venezie region, which has long been known as one of Italy’s prime sources for elegant and refined white wines and expressive, well-balanced red wines. The grapes for the Riff wines are grown in the northeastern Tre Venezie region, in vineyards that are located in the valleys and on the slopes of the Northeastern Italian Alps, which influence the climate and bless the area with priced alluvial soils.

This combination makes for wines that reflect their origin and best varietal characteristics; good structure and intensity on the palate, balance and harmony paired with lively acidity. The blend of grapes from different vineyard locations gives the wines body and texture, elegant aromatics and their crisp and steely intensity and depth of flavor. The Tre Venezie region stretches from the majestic Trentino-Alto Adige’s Dolomite peaks in the North to the Veneto’s rolling farmland in the foothills of the Alps and lake Garda, and to Friuli’s gentle hills in the East. This triumvirate’s geography, topography and unique climate conditions range from Mediterranean, sunny and warm during daytime, to a cooling alpine influence in the evening. The name Riff (German for reef) refers to this part of the Alps’ geological origin, limestone rock composed of fossil deposits from an ancient ocean that covered this region some 250 millions of years ago. The Riff label design is a direct reference to the obvious influence that these limestone fossils have on the wine’s character and style. With their contemporary and eye-catching look, both Riff wines are representing two of today’s most popular wine categories, equally appealing as a casual drink or aperitif and with a wide range of foods. They are widely available, often by-the-glass, in a great range of restaurants as well as in quality wine retail outlets.