Source: Vine Connections

Source: Vine Connections


Mendoza, Argentina

Bodini is crafted by winemaker Jimena Lopez and showcases fruit grown by a small estate winery in Mendoza, Argentina. Supporting Bodini encourages the tradition of independent, family-run vineyards and helping them express their unique wines. Bodini showcases grapes with the fullest expression of fruit.

Jimena has produced wine for almost 20 straight harvests in 7 countries including France, Germany and California. Jimena's winemaking principles reflect her personality in their sincerity. "In my eyes, good winemaking is simple winemaking. It needs to start in the vineyard. The good quality and purity of the grapes is essential. We can have the best technology in the winery, but whta you don't have in the vineyards you can't have int he cellar. I believe there are three things that make the difference in great winemaking: Know-how, obsession for details, and above all passion."