Source: Island Dave

Source: Island Dave


United States

Here at Island Dave's Cocktails, all we think about is making the best margaritas and cocktails. We make all of our cocktail mixes with only the freshest ingredients and in small batches, Island Dave's Margarita Mix stimulates your taste buds with a precise blend of fresh squeezed (never frozen concentrates) key lime juice sweetened perfectly with a combination of pure cane sugar and local southern honey. It's finish will surprise your palate with just a hint of secret spices that leaves no bitter or chemical after taste. Gluten free and only 55 calories per serving, Island Dave's Margarita Mix is about half the calories and sugars of most green "neon" mixes on the market. Island Dave's is simply the best and freshest margaritas and cocktails you will taste.

Island Dave's not only makes the best margaritas you will taste but is also a great cocktail mixer.