Source: Hourglass Brewing

Source: Hourglass Brewing


Longwood, Florida

Founded in 2012 in a small outbuilding behind a massage parlor with seating for 12, Hourglass is the embodiment of humble beginnings. The dream of two friends that began brewing on their back porch, funded by the sales of toy collections, musical equipment, and some family help; we take pride in our small business approach, familial aspirations, and our slightly tongue in cheek status as the “Oldest brewery in Longwood, FL”.

We aim to make world class beer, utilizing the best of local and exotic ingredients from across the globe, with an emphasis on turning outlandish ideas into nuanced, drinkable brews.

Here at Hourglass Brewing we take pride in the craftsmanship of our work. We believe in doing things the right way, no matter how difficult that may be. That means we never use any kind of malt, hop, or flavor extracts. If these is a specific flavor or aroma we want present in one of our beers, we will search high and low to figure out how to make it work, using only natural ingredients. Each and every aspect of each and every beer is hand selected from trusted suppliers, both locally and internationally. We are obsessed with finding the perfect ingredient every time – from locally grown tropical fruits, to Indian and South American herbs, hops from Africa and Japan, or malt from Chile and Scotland – ensuring you always get the best glass of beer possible.