Source: EG Wine cO

Source: EG Wine cO

Essentially Geared Wine Co.


At Essentially Geared, we're inspired by mother nature, breaking the rules, environmental stewardship, and wine's ability to bring people together.

When we set out to make EG Wine Co., we wanted to show the world what we already knew: high quality wine doesn't have to come with a high level of fuss. After all, we like our wine like we like our lives: fun, simple, no pretense.

We wanted to craft wine that could keep up with your everyday adventures. Cans are durable, lighweight, easy to open, lightproof, and airtight, so our wine is as fresh when you crack open a can as it was when we put it in there.

With wine in a can, you've got all the gear you need to enjoy it. No glass. No corkscrew. #screwcorks