Source: Vine Connections

Source: Vine Connections



Clos des Fous is a story about four wine friends - four crazy guys who have chosen to ignore the "experts" about where to plant vineyards and to trust their own instincts. The team is viticulturist Paco Leyton, winemaker Francois Massoc, terroir hunter Pedro Parra, and "bringer of wisdom" Albert Cussen. Clos des Fous, at its heart, is a project dedicated to finding extreme terroirs in Chile and crafting unique wines that speak of place. 

Clos des Fous is partnership that started in 2009 of four friends or ‘fools’, impassioned to make wine that showed the true story of Chilean terroir.  A French term for ‘the vineyard of the fools or crazies’, the four ‘Clos des Fous’ released their first wine in 2010. 

Pedro Parra, world-renowned terroir expert and viticulturalist, spurred the idea of the project with lifelong friend and winemaker François Massoc, after both spending time studying and making wine in Burgundy.  Together they partnered with Chilean agronomist Paco Leyton and respected business and wine consultant Albert Cussen to complete the Clos des Fous team.

Together they search out small parcels of vineyards on soil-specific terroir to reach the ultimate expression of place in their wines.