Source: Cannonborough Beverage Co.

Source: Cannonborough Beverage Co.


Charleston, South Carolina

Culinary and cocktail-inspired craft sodas. One of a kind craft sodas, made from fresh fruits. We start each soda by sourcing the highest quality ingredients we can find. We choose a single fruit, and pair it with a unique aromatic component to add complexity.

Each ingredient is delicately balanced to highlight the individual flavors, with just the right amount of all natural sweeteners to keep it crisp and off-dry. Each fruit and herb is hand processed using a variety of techniques to capture the flavor without losing its unique and delicate volatile aromas. The ingredients are blended and transferred to our soda "brite tanks”, large stainless steel vessels used to carbonate liquids. By utilizing some of the same equipment as craft beer brewers, we are able to accurately control the level of carbonation in each batch, tailoring the bite and fizz to compliment each flavor.Finally, the carbonated soda is bottled and gently pasteurized to achieve shelf stability without adding preservatives. The natural colors of the sodas are contrasted by vibrant labels and playful characters that hint at their use as a cocktail mixer.