Seek the Everyday Uncommon

Sustainably packaged.

Carefully sourced.

Always essential.

Essentially Geared Wine Company is breaking barriers in the canned wine world.  From wine packaged in environmentally friendly cans, to making sure they are available to be enjoyed no matter what adventure you are on, EG Wines are breaking down the wine industry's glass walls.

Founded by Jordan Kivelstadt and Grant Hemingway. These two have never been ones to follow a recipe. After meeting in 2011, their friendship bloomed on the foundation of leading the charge on sustainability and the innovation within the wine industry.

As devoted outdoorsmen, both Jordan and Grant understand the need to make our planet a better place. This combined with their desire to socialize wine and make it available in every setting, comes together in a simple, sustainable package that is Essentially Geared Wine Co. We'll see you around the campfire.
Source: Essentially Geared Wine Co.

Source: Essentially Geared Wine Co.