Alto Piemonte Revival

Years ago, before the popularity of Barolo and Barbaresco, the area known as the Alto Piemonte was the most important viticultural region in Italy. The beloved Nebbiolo grape flourishes in these high altitude foothills of the Alps. Prior to the end of the 19th century, there was as much as 40,000 hectares planted. Due to the result of phylloxera, two World Wars, and the industrial age many vineyards were abandoned and overrun by forest. Today, there are less than 2,000 hectares planted.  That's the bad news. 

Source: Tenute Sella

Source: Tenute Sella

The good news, there is major investment and attention being drawn to this amazing region. Climate change has brought people's focus to higher altitude and cooler climate regions. We are fascinated and have been working diligently for the last few years to forge direct relationships with producers in this region.

We are proud to work with Francesca Castaldi, whose family historically sold all their wine to the local cooperative, purchased vineyards in Fara and recently renovated her fatehr's original cantina! Tenuta Sella remained steadfast during the region's difficult times, and continues to make wines of exceptional quality from their vineyards in Lessona and Bramaterra. Cristiano Garella is one of the rising stars responsible for this revitalization. He was the winemaker at Tenuta Sella for ten years until 2012. Cristiano is now the winemaker at Boniperti* and Le Pianella.

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