Alto Piemonte Revival

Years ago, before the popularity of Barolo and Barbaresco, the area known as the Alto Piemonte was the most important viticultural region in Italy. The beloved Nebbiolo grape flourishes in these high altitude foothills of the Alps. Prior to the end of the 19th century, there was as much as 40,000 hectares planted. Due to the result of phylloxera, two World Wars, and the industrial age many vineyards were abandoned and overrun by forest. Today, there are less than 2,000 hectares planted.  That's the bad news. 

Source: Tenute Sella

Source: Tenute Sella

The good news, there is major investment and attention being drawn to this amazing region. Climate change has brought people's focus to higher altitude and cooler climate regions. We are fascinated and have been working diligently for the last few years to forge direct relationships with producers in this region.

We are proud to work with Francesca Castaldi, whose family historically sold all their wine to the local cooperative, purchased vineyards in Fara and recently renovated her fatehr's original cantina! Tenuta Sella remained steadfast during the region's difficult times, and continues to make wines of exceptional quality from their vineyards in Lessona and Bramaterra. Cristiano Garella is one of the rising stars responsible for this revitalization. He was the winemaker at Tenuta Sella for ten years until 2012. Cristiano is now the winemaker at Boniperti* and Le Pianella.

*NC Only

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Essentially Geared Wine Company is breaking barriers in the canned wine world.  From wine packaged in environmentally friendly cans, to making sure they are available to be enjoyed no matter what adventure you are on, EG Wines are breaking down the wine industry's glass walls.

Founded by Jordan Kivelstadt and Grant Hemingway. These two have never been ones to follow a recipe. After meeting in 2011, their friendship bloomed on the foundation of leading the charge on sustainability and the innovation within the wine industry.

As devoted outdoorsmen, both Jordan and Grant understand the need to make our planet a better place. This combined with their desire to socialize wine and make it available in every setting, comes together in a simple, sustainable package that is Essentially Geared Wine Co. We'll see you around the campfire.
Source: Essentially Geared Wine Co.

Source: Essentially Geared Wine Co.


TD-9 - Shafer's New Proprietary Red Blend

TD-9 is a proprietary blend that celebrates a bold move. In 1973, in the space of a few months, John Shafer went from riding morning commuter trains in Chicago to teaching himself to drive a TD-9 tractor in our Napa Valley vineyard. He’d never grown grapes or made wine in his life. That spirit of risk-taking and adventure still guides Shafer today and inspired the creation of this new wine.

“Vibrant, complex aromas of ripe red and black fruit, lavender, and herbs fill the glass followed by pure, energetic flavors of dried cherry, blackberry, strawberry, licorice, and cocoa all pulled together with wet slate minerality, clean acidity, and the ripe, seamless tannins that are the hallmarks of this vintage”
— Shafer winemaker Elias Fernandez


“Powerful and finely textured, with concentrated dried cherry, dark currant and roasted plum flavors that are filled with lively minerality. Richly spiced, showing dried herbal notes on the chiseled finish.”
— Kim Marcus, Wine Spectator


Milk Stout NITRO Widget Cans

Left Hand Brewing makes history again with First US Production Run of Nitro Widget Cans.

Left Hand.JPG

Since 2011, Left Hand introduced America to the draft-like beer experience at home. When Milk Stout Nitro bottles were released, the craft beer game changed. If you already love Milk Stout Nitro, like the rest of us at Advintage, you can rejoice knowing you can take this delicious beer on the go and drink a perfectly smooth and creamy Milk Stout Nitro right from the can.

"Beer fans have been asking for a Milk Stout Nitro in a can for years. We have been exploring options for some time with the hopes of being able to someday deliver. We started canning some of our core and seasonal brands last year, but engineering our canning line to produce nitro with the highest quality and finding the right widget to produce the perfect draft-like or Hard Pour bottle experience took some time. So, we are very pleased to now offer beer drinkers, without a stout glass in reach, the ultimate nitro experience with the versatility of a widget can and our award-winning Milk Stout recipe. We hope it makes stout lovers rejoice," said Sarah Watson, Left Hand Brewing Co. Marketing Director

South Carolinians, Left Hand Milk Stout NITRO Widget Cans are here! We cannot think of a better way to kick off the fall season than enjoying this stout straight from the can.

Pour Hard.