Source: Arrow&Branch

Source: Arrow&Branch


Napa, California

The Arrow & Branch name pays homage to the Contursi Family’s success in the rare coin business, U.S. Coinage and America. Found on the reverse of most United States coinage is an eagle holding arrow and an olive branch in its talons. This design signifies the United States as a peace-loving nation and country’s ability to defend itself if that peace and freedom should be compromised.

Our commitment is to put only the finest quality “Bordeaux style” wines into an Arrow & Branch bottle regardless of time or costs. Many decisions are made in the vineyards that reduce yield yet increase quality of the grape. The goal is always to extract as much of the individual terroir characteristics in order to give our winemaker a broad palate of unique components to draw from and produce a wine with tremendous complexities in both aromatics and taste.